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Friday, 19 November 2010


It's a strange one this, cos, aside from the slight reduction in corniness and the undoubtedly sicker raps and beats (by Dilla), Ason Jones, isn't too far removed from Puff's ode to B.I.G. (and Sting one day soon too, please). Now the debate's open over the appropriateness of commercially released 'personal' messages. I mean, Puff could afford a hell of a lot of grief counselling with that Missing You, money!
What's not up for debate is the loss to hiphop that ODB's untimely death caused. If not for his bars at that time, certainly for his character, personality and controversy. ODB was hiphop made flesh, warts, crack-pipes and all. Its probably fair to say that his best work was well done by the time he passed, but, his death touched a lot of people, and maybe that justifies a public tribute in itself. O.D.B.J.D.R.I.P.

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