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Rhymin' since day... curious is a multi-tasking microphone vandal. Hiphop poetry is the dish of the day. Whether served fresh acapella or over baking hot beats, the elements of this feast are best enjoyed raw. Catch a portion of curious online or on stage, spitting like a pig on a spit roast. Check in to keep updated...peaCe

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Muddyloop/curious in the spotlight 6/3/2011

Yes people! Just ahead of Wordamouth's return to the Favela's of Old Street,I will be spitting and chatting shit (hosting) for the mighty Muddyloop at Villain (East Village) in Gt Eastern Street London EC2A on Saturday 6th March. Come and check out the sounds of one of London's most exciting collectives as they drop sexy electronic pop funk on your unsuspecting cerebellum.

Seriously though, it is free entry; there are some sick acts and your support would make it all the more...supported(?)

Hope to see you there !!

If you aren't sure, check out Muddyloop's latest single with video by friend-of-loop Dino K. Big tings !! Available now on Loverush Digital. Visit www.muddyloop.com for more info. peaCe

Saturday, 26 February 2011

WORDAMOUTH presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic 8/3/2011

Wordamouth returns to Favela Chic for the second FreeStyles event. This time round it Johnny 'Fluffpunk' Seagrave, Dean Atta and Paul Cree supplying the lyrical content with Bobby Gandolf from The Worm and Anarkali Elektra bringing the party vibes until 1 am, all hosted by myself and Angry Sam. The restaurant is open from 6pm and you can reserve a table via the Favela website (www.favelachic.com).

This is top drawer poets and live DJs in a top London venue for FREE! Tell EVERYBODY!!

Hope to see you there. peaCe

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wordamouth Rock The Favela...

Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic kicked off yesterday and I gotta say it was the absolute BOMB!! RESPECT to everyone who turns out and supported the event. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and tell all your friends to come to the next one. Shouts to my partner in rhyme, Angry Sam and whoop-whoop's to HKB FiNN; Anna Le; Cole&Billy and Mr T for bringing the heat to a cold Old Street evening. Props to Chris and the team at Favela for hooking us up and supporting the night so well. Big up to Anarkali Elektra for the 'almost' DJ set (hope you got in ur house) and to Anna for the guest list duties. Damn, it takes a LOT of people to do this sh!t, but it take a LOT of the RIGHT people to do it this well

- We are on dis ting
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8th March 2011
featuring surreal satirist Johnny Fluffypunk.