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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

*New Book* - I Used To Be A Rapper by poetcurious

I say:

"This first collection of poems contains much of my work performed on the spoken word poetry scene around London and across the UK over the last 3 years. Spanning childhood, love, politics and revolution; and heavily influenced by the rhythms and flow of the UK rap scene and the gnarliness of the London skateboard community of the early 90's; I Used To Be A Rapper makes a great edition to offend an elderly relative or traumatise a teen with this Xmas ;)"

You can now order my first collection of poetry by clicking the book below...

Self-published online via Lulu.com

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"This Month" - Manorlogz BHM Special 2012

My installment for Manorlogz BHM Special, 'This Month' is one of my oldest poems but still seems relevant. Shout out to Gee; the folks at Vox Africa, Battersea Studios and all the poets who represented for this. Certainly wasn't the usual 'Windrush-waving' celebrations of struggle and oppression that has often constituted BHM's past. 
By engaging with this project I have had numerous conversations about the appropriateness and relevance of BHM. Where it easy to write the whole thing off as segregation and tokenism, it seems that there are new conversations arising amongst a broad range of artists, social commentators and anyone else who gives a stuff about the changing nature of BHM and especially around how it is changing and adapting, as the context in which black politics is enacted changes and crosses over with other non-black (but still marginalised) groups experiences of inequality and resistance. 
Perhaps BHM will come to be known as MHM (Minority History Month) or OHM (Oppressed History Month) and just very maybe, one day, the history of all people will be taught with parity and we can do away with the whole thing.

Next Gig: Friday 2nd November, Intimates at the Poetry Cafe, London. Hosted by Kat Francois.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monorlogz BHM Special

 Now, me and Black History Month have some issues but when I saw the line up of poets for this spoken word special, I didn't have to think hard or long before saying yes.

Manorlogz BHM Special featuring:

Tshaka Campbell
Anthony Anaxagorou
Mark Thompson
Indigo Williams
Tolo Agbelusi
Errol McGlashen
Elliot Ajai-ajagbe
Jazzman John Clarke
...and me!

There's way more poets; most of those above are just in the first week!!

Check them all out throughout October on Vox Africa (Sky 218)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

To Sea

Refugee Week 18-24 June 2012

To celebrate the innumerable stories of political and economic migration that have shaped our cities and societies, 'To Sea' reworks Edward Lear's 'The Jumblies' for a 21st century audience. Echoing the bravery and persistence of Lear's green and blue creatures, this poem serves to highlight the superhuman struggles undertaken daily in the name of freedom and opportunity.

Poetcurious says:

I know the original from my childhood and read it regularly to my young daughters. Reading it as an adult I was struck by the parallels between the fantastic story of the poem and the realities of many of my own friends journey's to this country. Once I had written the poem, I recited it for some of my friends whose stories had inspired it. They told me they were moved by the honesty of the piece and that it resonated with their own experiences. This was obviously a very rewarding response. 

After that I contacted human rights charity 'Restless Beings' to discuss turning the poem into a film. I was introduced to video-journalist and documentary maker, Ceren Yilmaz. I presented my ideas for visuals and Ceren edited my still images into the animated montage that you see projected onto my face in the film.
Ceren shot the performance in a single first take before editing it and delivering it to my inbox before midnight!

My greatest thanks and admiration go to Ceren, Mabrur and the whole Restless team for their support and dedication to this project. I am very proud to be associated with this crew!

If you would like to know more about the Restless Beings; find out more information about ways to support Refugee Week; get a film made or if you just want to see more curious poetry, check out the links below...peaCe





Sunday, 3 June 2012

Come get some curious...

Upcoming Gigs:

Friday 8th June @ SOAS. 8pm onwards. Free.
Supporting '3rd Floor' - retro-fresh hiphop soul and funk. Spokenword and beatbox set.

Tuesday 12th June @ The Recreation Ground, Camberwell Green. 7-midnight. £5
Christopher Logue tribute night hosted by Angry Sam Featuring: Kate Tempest and John Hegley.

Friday 22nd June @ D'Gaf, Stratford. 7-midnight. Details tbc
Charity event in aid of Syria.

Saturday 30th June @ Kingsbury High School. 2-6pm. Free
Summer Festival literary tent + open mic

Sunday 1st July @ The Yard Theatre, Queens Yard, hackney Wick. E9 5EN. Midday-11pm. £7
Lyrix Organix: Relay with Restless Beings. Hiphop and poetry night. Gonna be BIG!

Sunday 15th July @ Theatre Royal bar, Stratford
Intimates hosted by Kat Francois. Details tbc

...That's all for now!!

 Look out for videos with human rights charity Restless Beings as well as a chance to see me spit in 3D in the soon to be released Peckham BMX club documentary by JetSet films

Much love for everybody supporting; enjoy the new video clips for Good Enough and My Beauty Remains and I hope to see you at a gig soon! peaCe

Saturday, 7 January 2012



by poetcurious

In a flash London was back

Back on the map, back on track

Back to back but never back to that

Dark days of 2011;

Its 2012 and London is heaven

All sins forgiven; despite there being more poor in prison

Isn’t this an old one Stephen? Just being retold

For the new youth, while the new old, remember

Stories from days past

When 10 pence could make the day last

Where we walked slow and we prayed fast

How does this one end again? The detail escapes me,

But I see through their gloss; what dem posh wanna make me.

Still, the fireworks were excellent; emotional, expensive

Which in ‘these times of austerity’ makes me apprehensive

Can we afford this? Really though, can we?

If we can, then that’s all good

But can you stop trying to skank me? And thank me

Come hand me a couple of Olympic tickets

(something close to the finish line)

While I’m writing these slogans on placards and pamphlets

For colleagues who are standing on picket lines.

See, it’s just a whole lot of politics

I need someone to help me unpick it

We all gotta have our fair share of the glory

Or lets tell dem man where to stick it.

Still, the fireworks were excellent; the party more intimate

The purse string are tight and them clubs I’m not into it.

So we rave on in maisonettes

Pissing through the xmas debts

Cut the decks, place your bets and laugh off your losses

A punch of rum, some drum and bass

Your wifey whining on ya waist

A smile on every drunken face

For whatever life offers.