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Rhymin' since day... curious is a multi-tasking microphone vandal. Hiphop poetry is the dish of the day. Whether served fresh acapella or over baking hot beats, the elements of this feast are best enjoyed raw. Catch a portion of curious online or on stage, spitting like a pig on a spit roast. Check in to keep updated...peaCe

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

OPEN/WIDE: 29/10/2011 @ Alaska Studios

Come down Saturday and have your say on the open mic. Best acts will be invited to perform at WORDAMOUTH events and record for a compilation at the studios. peaCe

curious - Future Movement *new video*

This is a piece I wrote in response to the fuckeries of the new coalition government. Enjoy (if you are not out protesting to claw back your dignity).


curious - Olde Skool Artist *new video*

This is the first verse from a track I did with Ashwan entitled Old Skool Artist about 10 years ago. It was basically a battle rap referencing famous artists - High brow, low brow need to learn though...

curious - The Lost Macidol Files

I haven't been to this site in quite a while. For most of my poetry crew this will be unheard material from another lifetime!! Some of the same topics dominate the verses, just a few more weed smoking references! Enjoy.

Shout to Ashwan who produced most of the beats and my Chi Town crew for the Summer In The City experience...peaCe

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New things/New thanks...

.BIG TALL THANKS to Samantha Marie (La Alta) for putting this brain-aching montage together for I'm Not A Rapper. The piece was originally performed at WORDAMOUTH presents FreeStyles @ Favela London. A monthly spoken word and hip-hop night in London's east sides. If you want to know more about WORDAMOUTH events, find us and like us on facebook.

PLUS...WORDAMOUTHMASSIVE thanks to everyone who came down to the first REAL TALK event at Bedroom Bar on the 19th October to see Buntylooping, Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna. Good times!! Next one is on the 16th November.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Statemeant Sessions #5 - curious

Props to my man Alhi Rashid aka Mr Statemeant for coming down to shoot this piece. We shot it on the windiest night of the year in Wembley Park *bang bang*. Peep the Statemeant website and check out the merchandise for the modern hip hop activist. They got got some sick tshirts and some hard to get baller jackets for the flush and flossing. peaCe

Thursday, 6 October 2011

WORDAMOUTH presents REAL TALK @ The Bedroom Bar. 19/10/2011.

That's right, we are back at a new venue in Old Street in East London. Featuring at this first night is Resonators singer and live-loop solo artist Bunty Loopings with her unbelievable one-woman beat-box, loop pedal extravaganza and superpoetstorytellaractors Katie Bonna and Richard marsh with...

a scratch performance by Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna
Duet is a brand-new piece, so at the time of writing we can'’t give you a synopsis of the story. But you can probably expect tales of the world's least romantic, most romantic stag and hen dos, festivals, lonely Christmas dinners and too many coats. A wry, warm, real romance told in a hopeful, heartfelt way.

...You'd be Bonkers to miss it!!