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Thursday, 30 December 2010

*New Video* New Recital (Temptation Mix) *Contains Strong Images*

*Contains Strong Images*

New Recital is a poem I wrote in response to the formation of the coalition government in 2010. I recorded it in the wake of the student fee protests earlier this month where I perform the poem over The Temptations, Papa Was A Rolling Stone.
The video footage that accompanies the piece shows clashes between Police and Poll Tax protesters in 1990; 20 years prior to these most recent protests against Conservative money-grabbing. However, this video is not meant to incite any violent actions, but instead, offers a mirror up to those on both sides of the divide. What I find interesting is how the Police in 1990 seem more openly brutal, but , due to their inferior 'kit' they appear less threatening than the modern day storm-trooper riot Police we are used to seeing at peaceful protests. Perhaps it is the portrayal of Police through our media networks that masks the brutality that was more openly broadcast two decades ago - state controlled TV, here we come.

Enjoy this freely; while you still can!!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Wordamouth @ The Live Room: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

So, after a (well-publicised) last minute change of date, WORDAMOUTH went ahead at The Live Room on Monday night. Conspiring elements meant it was a predictably quiet night, but not one without high quality performance and an appreciative audience.

Captain of the Rant took the stage first and rattled through a 20 min set with his usual blend of well-observed critique and uncompromising wit. Next up was feature poet HKB Finn. Now, I remember Finn as a rapper, long before he moved into spoken word, and for me to be able to host Finn felt like I was paying back an overdue loan. True to form, Finn captivated the sparse audience with tales of travel, love, life and beyond. Finn is also a band member and performed with his Djembe for two pieces on Monday - one his; the other accompanying one of the open mic poets. It's not every performer who will participate beyond their booked duties so readily - props!
Unfortunately, Chris Syrus couldn't make it, but the 4 open mic poets filled the time and space admirably. In a night of first's WORDAMOUTH held it's first (and definitely last) SLAM!! Up for grabs was a copy of John Locke's, The Abuse of Words as well as a HKB Finn CD. Competition was furious and slightly hurried by the influx of late-night Sambuca seekers that flooded in after 11pm! After much deliberation and a couple of hours of myself and Funkhead Fred DJing 90's rave classics for the 'mad for it' crowd of local revellers that took over the venue (Xmas+free entry=WTF), the spoils were shared by Ardit and Nathan.

It was certainly a fun night, and with Alan Wolfson in attendance, an official poetry night! However, it was not the night I planned for and the Performer-Pundit ratio was way out of kilter due to iffy logistics and the date 'thing'. Still, props to the poets for doing a grand job and shouts to everyone who has, been to/planned to go to/tried to get to/talked about/served drinks/plugged in cables/printed flyers/blogged/liked and tweeted in support of WORDAMOUTH in 2010.

Next year there's big tings in the pipeline *pause* with WORDAMOUTH hitting Favela Chic on 8th Feb. There's no open mic at this one but top quality performance is definitely on the menu and then through the night with a poet-friendly DJ set from myself. Watch this space for more info.

Also WORDAMOUTH moves to a Sunday at The Live Room from January (dates tbc) as well as looking at exciting new venues/ventures in South London and Birmingham. Damn it feels good to see people up on it!!


Wednesday, 22 December 2010



Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Wordamouth: 20/12/2010

A quick preview of the array of poetic talent performing at Wordamouth on 29th December. If you don't know, get to know and then get down to Palmer Green on the 29th and see them live.
Open mic will be 'emosh' as always, so get down early to sign up...


Double Slam Champ - curious

BBRRAAAP! curious adds another title to his name claiming a spot in the 2011 London Slam Finals.
Monday night saw the Green Note Cafe in Camden play host to a small but perfectly formed audience for Hammer&Tongue's final foray of 2010. The numbers may have been reduced but the vibes were big, fat and heavy in the place. World Slam champion and Yuke/Glok rockers Ian & Brad from Canada repped the North Americas hard with their folk/rap/poetry combos. Sick flows, deep content and a healthy splash of irreverence made this a hit with all that braved the 'Canadian' climate to reach.
Also, Captain of the Rant (Paul Case) rocked a tight and, dare I say, romantic set of poems that warmed the cockles of even the most cynical slam goers. Add to this mix, Michelle Madsen, Sophia Blackwell and a fine selection of slammers and December's Hammer&Tongue may have just sneaked the 'poetry jam of the year' award in the home straight.
Big shout to Angry Sam, Michelle Madsen, Sophia Blackwell and the Green Note crew for housing, hosting, 'promoting' and performing at, the best poetry night in London and bringing the art to the (mostly middle class, academic, affluent) masses.

NEWS: H&T National Finals featuring curious will be held in January at a London venue. More info when it exists...peaCe

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Future Movement - interview for The Artruists

I was lucky enough to get this clip shot by Lara Akinnawo for her blog, The Artruists. Follow the link to her site and read the interview that accompanies this poem. This piece talks about the ridiculous state of our political institutions. Enjoy.

Big thanks to Lara.

Wordamouth - Old to the New

BIG LOVE to everyone who came down to Wordamouth on 22nd November. The jam might not have been packed but the mic was busy all night. The enigmatic straight talk of Tim Wells was counter-pointed nicely by Charlie Dupre's rhythmic onslaughts and Swing-hop spitting. The open mic was live as usual. Stand-out for me was Nathan Guessask's tale of incarceration, but a shout goes out to Richard Marsh; Chip Grimm; Hayley Stevens and Catherine for representing lovely.

Here's the pics:
Charlie Dupre
Tim Wells
Hayley Stevens
Richard Marsh
Chip Grimm
Nathan Guessask
Still to come in 2010 is the Wordamouth New Years Hold Up at The Live Room on 29th December. Great line up for this one with, hip-hop spokenword supremo HKB Finn bringing his own brand of vibes; Paul Case aka Captain of the Rant will be spitting his use fire of satire and Prisoner turned poet, Chris Syrus brings his own guitarist to the party to get the party started with some positive movements. The mic will be open as ever, with the added bonus of a dj on stage for the MCs who want to drop on a beat or for those that just want to get their jam on...

2011 - Look out for more spoken word from Wordamouth as we plan a move out of North London towards a more central location as well as getting down with plans to set a sister night up in Birmingham, courtesy of Wordamout family member, Hayley Stevens. Nothing is finalised yet, but there's big ting a gwan for Wordamouth in the New Year, stay aware. peaCe

Thursday, 9 December 2010

That's the true blue tune that's tooting...

I compiled this in anger at Sky News' reporting of students protesting in Parliament square today as 'just idiots', performing what a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman described as, 'wanton acts of violence'. A little historical research could have better informed their expectations...








The true blue reality of Conservative politics in Britain.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

curious: Announce The Sound

Also linked to last post, I got a new video clip up on YouTube. Its got 100 in the first week which is serious for me. If you haven't checked it yet, do so and leave me a comment on the YouTube page. PeaCe.

Human Writes Open Mic Champ!!

Went down to this event and rocked the open mic. Brought home the crown for North Weezy! Going to be doing more work with the Restless Beings, no doubt. It was nice to be rocking a hiphop crowd too. Big!!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Restless beings - Human Writes - 27/11/2010

This is an event I am taking part in on Saturday in Bethnal Green. The charity works with marginalised communities suffering human rights abuses and the event is aimed at raising awareness of these communities struggles as well as the work of Restless Beings in support of them.

Its £8 on the door and there is a big line up...represent.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Magnetic Man Live in Maida Vale - sick

They say:
Skream, Benga and Artwork (collectively Magnetic Man) perform 'Perfect Stranger' with vocals from Katy B at our Maida Vegas studios.

I say:
I can't get enough of Magnetic Man at the moment and Katy B is rapidly becoming my second favourite UK female vocalist (after Gudren Eden). I love the maturity that comes out of this return to 90's rave. I feel this track captures the optimism and collectivism that characterised that scene, set against a backdrop of social upheaval and a burgeoning multi-cultural youth who needed an out, Special.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


WORDAMOUTH Mondays start here. A little bit of Monday madness can do wonders for the soul - honest. Your support is always appreciated...peaCe

Friday, 19 November 2010

WORDAMOUTH - 29/12/2010

This one is going to be fun. We're relaxing the vibes and putting a bit more funk into the WORDAMOUTH format. The mic will be open for those that cannot resist and the host turns dj as I take care of the sounds alongside a fine selection of djs. There will be performances on the night from Captain of the Rant, Paul Case, and a few surprises too. So come and see new year in early with the WORDAMOUTH family. peaCe


It's a strange one this, cos, aside from the slight reduction in corniness and the undoubtedly sicker raps and beats (by Dilla), Ason Jones, isn't too far removed from Puff's ode to B.I.G. (and Sting one day soon too, please). Now the debate's open over the appropriateness of commercially released 'personal' messages. I mean, Puff could afford a hell of a lot of grief counselling with that Missing You, money!
What's not up for debate is the loss to hiphop that ODB's untimely death caused. If not for his bars at that time, certainly for his character, personality and controversy. ODB was hiphop made flesh, warts, crack-pipes and all. Its probably fair to say that his best work was well done by the time he passed, but, his death touched a lot of people, and maybe that justifies a public tribute in itself. O.D.B.J.D.R.I.P.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Wordamouth - Spread it like butter!

Wordamouth takes over The Live Room where last month's Wordplay left off. Last month saw 4i2i Collective rip through a tongue-twisting set, while the open mic had a wicked turn out and a high standard. This month Wordamouth plays host to east end gent and poet, Tim Wells. Tim has been captivating audiences for more than two decades with a blend of story-telling and lyricism presented with the candour of a man who has seen the things he speaks about - real talk, fam!!

It's our first night since the name change and your support will be greatly appreciated.


Also coming: 29th December - Wordamouth New Year Hold Up. More details soon. peaCe

Saturday, 23 October 2010

FUNHOUSE LIVE (almost) 22/10/2010

Extended Players, MK & Harry Love took The Funhouse to Plan B last night. Brixton's ultimate dancefloor hosted the event that was streamed live on Ustream for those (like me) who couldn't be there. Never has hiphop been so considerate of it's ageing audience!!

Saturday, 16 October 2010

4I2I @ WORDPLAY 25/10/2010

First act confirmed for this months WORDPLAY. Mowgli, Stowaway and Gluvs will be dropping a poetry set. Sick lyricists, don't miss this. peaCe

Saturday, 2 October 2010

WordPlay - The Live Room - 25/10/2010

Its the 3rd, the 1st and the last WordPlay on October 25th at The Live Room, 236 Green Lanes, Palmers Green. It's officially the 3rd instalment of what is quickly becoming London's most inclusive spoken word poetry jam. Its the 1st that I will be hosting, and from next month the night is getting a new name and a few changes to the format to hopefully bring in a larger crowd. So the 25th is the last WordPlay as well as the pre-party for Watch Ya Mouf (or So To Speak...haven't decided yet). Come down and check out the poets and the have a drink in a cool venue with hot new music and a cool, appreciative crowd.

Wanna spit something?

If you're a poet, rapper or wordsmith of some other description, get in touch to book a spot on the mic. email me at; poetcurious@gmail.com

For updates on artists performing and special offers on entry and drinks, check out the Live Room website www.liveroomlondon.com

Monday, 27 September 2010

WordPlay - London's first and last newest poetry night

So I just got back from WordPlay @ The Live Room in North London. The host, Rose is a sick rapper and heading off to New York next month to peel the big apple (Go hard girl!)
I am going to be taking the night over and have some ideas for a few new features including an open mic slam. The night is a very relaxed and honest appreciation of poetry. From readings to original work from both professional and amateur poets, as well as some unexpectedly fun word games (guess the last line was too funny), WordPlay is a refreshingly inclusive poetry night. Check back for details of next months night.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The ? Remainz

They Say:
In this short RSA Animate, radical sociologist David Harvey asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism, towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that could be responsible, just and humane. View his full lecture at the RSA.

Guru Said:

You Decide...peaCe

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Muddyloop - Party's Over - Live Room - 17/09/2010

Shout to everyone who came to see Muddyloop rip up the Live Room last week. Look out for much more from Muddyloop, including this track, Party's Over featuring Dean Lennon.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

You can dance (for inspiration)

Cajmere "Percolator" - Riva Starr Remix
Video Edit by VJ Brinkman
Directed by Sombionx (Q Studios)
FootworKINGz & Kid Sister

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wormfood Festival - Can you dig it?!

In my usual under-the-radar style, I've managed to get a set at this on Saturday. More details when (if) I get any. This is gonna be a smasher of an event from some serious party folk (shout to Andre). I'm gonna be dropping a Chutney-fuelled Soca-sun vibe upstairs in the 'chill out' room, so come wine wid me. peaCe

Saturday, 21 August 2010

International Meeting of Styles 2010 - Highbury Studios

The list of artists involved in this monster burn up of Highbury Studios reads like an Interpol wanted list. This was a great event with a wicked mix of people; sick artists; good music and Jerk Chicken - Bang!

Events like this can do a lot of good for the the misinformed about exactly who is doing graffiti in 2010. The answer is - a lot of different people. There were business men who hold down high powered jobs and bomb on the weekends; art students majoring in street art on their MA courses; old school train wreckers turned freelance commercial artists and all sorts (even a girl writer - no lie).

This was definitely the face-washed and church-clothed side of graffiti culture that, in truth, very few people have a problem with. What was interesting about this event was that it allowed the public to talk to writers and hear them defend the crappy tags and bus shelter throw ups that get Daily Mail readers so incensed. One artist, speaking to the parents of a teenage boy who had brought his black book along, advised they encourage him to tag as much as possible to develop his control of the pen or can and to experiment with his own repertoire of lines that are the essence of an artist's style and skill.

These arguments are refreshing to hear and more so when they are articulated by respectable adults who earn a good positive living from decorating and beautifying society for the enjoyment of all who pass by.

Enjoys the pix - peaCe