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Rhymin' since day... curious is a multi-tasking microphone vandal. Hiphop poetry is the dish of the day. Whether served fresh acapella or over baking hot beats, the elements of this feast are best enjoyed raw. Catch a portion of curious online or on stage, spitting like a pig on a spit roast. Check in to keep updated...peaCe

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

OPEN/WIDE: 29/10/2011 @ Alaska Studios

Come down Saturday and have your say on the open mic. Best acts will be invited to perform at WORDAMOUTH events and record for a compilation at the studios. peaCe

curious - Future Movement *new video*

This is a piece I wrote in response to the fuckeries of the new coalition government. Enjoy (if you are not out protesting to claw back your dignity).


curious - Olde Skool Artist *new video*

This is the first verse from a track I did with Ashwan entitled Old Skool Artist about 10 years ago. It was basically a battle rap referencing famous artists - High brow, low brow need to learn though...

curious - The Lost Macidol Files

I haven't been to this site in quite a while. For most of my poetry crew this will be unheard material from another lifetime!! Some of the same topics dominate the verses, just a few more weed smoking references! Enjoy.

Shout to Ashwan who produced most of the beats and my Chi Town crew for the Summer In The City experience...peaCe

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New things/New thanks...

.BIG TALL THANKS to Samantha Marie (La Alta) for putting this brain-aching montage together for I'm Not A Rapper. The piece was originally performed at WORDAMOUTH presents FreeStyles @ Favela London. A monthly spoken word and hip-hop night in London's east sides. If you want to know more about WORDAMOUTH events, find us and like us on facebook.

PLUS...WORDAMOUTHMASSIVE thanks to everyone who came down to the first REAL TALK event at Bedroom Bar on the 19th October to see Buntylooping, Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna. Good times!! Next one is on the 16th November.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Statemeant Sessions #5 - curious

Props to my man Alhi Rashid aka Mr Statemeant for coming down to shoot this piece. We shot it on the windiest night of the year in Wembley Park *bang bang*. Peep the Statemeant website and check out the merchandise for the modern hip hop activist. They got got some sick tshirts and some hard to get baller jackets for the flush and flossing. peaCe

Thursday, 6 October 2011

WORDAMOUTH presents REAL TALK @ The Bedroom Bar. 19/10/2011.

That's right, we are back at a new venue in Old Street in East London. Featuring at this first night is Resonators singer and live-loop solo artist Bunty Loopings with her unbelievable one-woman beat-box, loop pedal extravaganza and superpoetstorytellaractors Katie Bonna and Richard marsh with...

a scratch performance by Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna
Duet is a brand-new piece, so at the time of writing we can'’t give you a synopsis of the story. But you can probably expect tales of the world's least romantic, most romantic stag and hen dos, festivals, lonely Christmas dinners and too many coats. A wry, warm, real romance told in a hopeful, heartfelt way.

...You'd be Bonkers to miss it!!


Sunday, 11 September 2011


More details soon, but after a long summer break WORDAMOUTH is back at a new venue in Old Street, bringing midweek party poetry vibes to all comers. Come and join us at the newly refurbished Bedroom Bar (63 Rivington Street) for the best in spoken word, storytelling, MCing, beatboxing, freestyling...you name it, we've got it! All backed by sick DJs spinning hiphop and eclectic breaks from beyond the crate. Simply put: WORDAMOUTH IS BACK!!*

*Start talking!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

poetcurious @ Tristan Bates theatre - 20/08/2011

The Museum of Broken Relationships is coming to London's Tristan Bates theatre in London's Covent Garden. I will be hosting a night of poetry on the 20th August to run alongside the exhibition. Some of London's finest open mic performers and featured guest poets will perform on the theme of broken relationships as well as writing/improvising a piece in response to the exhibition and performing it in a slam format. This will culminate in the 2 top poets battling it out head-to-head in a final round of odes to lost love! As well as that there will an open mic round and good music in the gaps!! Tickets available via the Tristan bates website here.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Check out my Saturday afternoon set at Secret Garden Party. The Valley Of The Antics stage hosted me and Angry Sam last year and were good enough to have us back to open the show this year. Big up Theo for hooking us up.

My stand out performances of the weekend were:

Blondie's flawless vocals
The Resonators Sunday morning set
Stanton Warriors dutty DJ set
Switch & Khalil @ Wormfood on Saturday night

and much, much more.

SGP may be less of a secret than a few years ago but it's still a hell of a good festival. Can't wait for next year!!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Muddyloop feat. Ambrosius - NEW SINGLE - Mixtape - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Another solid summer pop dutty anthem from the Muddyloop crew. If you don't know, get to know quickly cos the Muddyloop bandwagon is leaving the depot...All aboard!

Buy it on iTunes here quickly!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

curious & Angry Sam in today's Guardian...

It is only a couple of weeks since myself and Angry Sam hosted The Guardian for a school poetry slam. Following slam conventions, the poets performed poems from the Year 9 anthology for the judgement of an audience of 300 teenagers. Blake and Wordsworth battled it out with Kate Tempest and Linton Kwesi Johnson; with Kwesi taking top honours!! There was also a performance from a year 9 student who won the school's London Poetry competition with a poignant and image-laden piece of highly-crafted writing. One for the future, surely!

--> Big thanks to Judy and Richard from The Guradian for supporting this event and producing this article.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

OPEN/WIDE featuring - Chester P - 18/6/2011

Task Force's Chester P is UK hip-hop royalty (but without all the reptile ish)! Rhyming almost endlessly for DjGone here, Chester P is a poet, MC and social commentator with the skill to address the deepest topics with simplest words and phrases. Chester's references range from the pop culture of kids toys and cartoon clips to the philosophies of Foucault and Heidegger and all are painted with the vivid imagery of North London life in all its glories!!

DO NOT MISS Chester P at OPEN/WIDE on Saturday.*

*if you DO miss Chester P at OPEN/WIDE on Saturday you will regret it!!



Recorded at FreeStyles at Favela Chic in April, "I'm Not A Rapper" is curious' slam-winning attack on the British arms trade. Scathing imagery and wry humour combine to produce a poem that packs a punch like a Scud in a school yard!!

More curious affairs ------------>

Tuesday 14th June. FreeStyles hosts Salena Godden and Talia Randall

Saturday 18th June. OPEN/WIDE is London's MOST open mic night.

For more information on these and future WORDAMOUTH / curious events, check out the "wordamouth" page on facebook and hit the 'like' button.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Is it really 30 years since the Brixton riots?!

Wow!! Thirty years since the Brixton riots. That's mad, but yet, here we go again with another Tory government bringing civil unrest to our streets! Watch, learn, use!! Props to Kwesi for shining a light of truth through the ideological fog! DJ Hiatus kills the track also, but it is Kwesi's voice that rules the most on this!! Play, repeat, download!!


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting down Saturday night...

Out of Step at Mascara Bar in North London went off last night. There was a good turn out to see Angry Sam host and perform. His blend of wry wit and insightful critique was well delivered and received. Cat Brogan was the only female in the trio and repped her causes hard. Politics both geopolitical and sexual defined her set and her performance was sassy and assured. It was good to share stage time with such good poets and friends and to rock the spot with just a microphone (and an ipod for the breaks!!)...

...After that it was off to hear DJ MK, A-Cyde and Chris P Cuts rip the set at The Alibi in Dalston for the second of the new season of Gullyvers. This trendy late night spot attracts the local eclectro-punk set; throwback hip-hoppers and all the other weird and wonderful sub-groups that make up this exciting scene. The true music heads get a treat from the 3 DJs spinning music that is as eclectic as the fashions of those who dance to it. However, this is a hip-hop night and cutting, mixing and creativity abound in each set as the genre lists lengthen and the movements continue. Everyone has a good time; the door is free; the drinks are cheap and the dancefloor is sweaty (like a dancefloor should be!).
So that's two reasons why Dalston's trending right now. If you're in London and don't know Dalston, check it out because there's a lot of hot shit going down there right now. To find out what's on in N16, check out www.N16mag.com for info on events as well as restaurants, bars and other local info. peaCe

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Session and the Bear @ FreeStyles

Yo!!!!! It seems like ages since Polar Bear and SessioN NoisseS ripped this ridiculous music/poetry set at April's FreeStyles. The night was sick! A good crowd; good vibes; sick performances and New Jack Swing - Don't forget a thing...

...Next FreeStyles in on June 14th and features Salena Godden and Talia Randall. We are at Favela Chic again, so expect party poetry vibes, strong cocktails and phat beats from DJ Kaya Lox!!


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hip-hop Guest Room...

I recently vacated my lavish double bedroom home studio for the box room. While I was in the studio I decorated the walls extensively. Now our lucky guests get to sleep in the most hip-hop guest room in London! Damn, we know how to look after people ;)

The man with 3 golden guns...

I previously posted a pic of the first Golden Gun Award I received at Bang Said The Gun's excellent poetry night at The Roebuck Pub in Borough. Since then, I have won 2 more. Here they are for your eyes!

This is the second Golden Gun Award I received at Bang Said The Gun. I find it adds a little extra pepper to any meal I cook in it...

...and this is the third and final Golden Gun Award I received before I decided to 'llow the slamming at Bang to preserve my 3 in 3 record! I was considering this one as a gift for W an' K on their big, expensive, publicly-funded day, but thought it could be misinterpreted as some sort of comment on the empire.

Thanks to everyone at Bang for putting on top-notch poetry nights that are both intellectually enlightening and downright bonkers at the very same time, in equal measure.

You can see me return to the Bang Said The Gun slam stage alongside a whole host of talented poets and comedians at the Meadlowlands Festival in the last Bank Holiday weekend of May (somewhere in a field described on this website).

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Toddla T - New Video

New Toddla T track featuring Shola Ama (Oh the things I could tell you). Loving the pirate radio vibes. Just wish I'd got to spin in such a plush spot!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OPEN/WIDE - 30/04/2011

I say:
Here is the flyer so you know it must be happening!! After last month's top drawer performances, anticipation of another hot open mic night is high amongst the WORDAMOUTH familia! Charlie Dupre was a stand out last month and ripped a 10 minute set at Favela Chic the following week, warming up for Polar Bear and SessioN NoisseS, as well as booking himself a spot in the summer slam final to win a days recording at Alaska Studio. S0, if you fancy doing the same, come down on Saturday 30th April and do a piece or two.

OPEN/WIDE is not a slam event! There are no points, judges or eliminations. Simply email to book a spot or turn up early to sign up on the night. There are NO time limits; NO rules banning props, instruments, singing, rapping, nudity etc; and definitely NO clap-o-meters !! Just an open mic, a friendly and participative audience; an intimate venue; A great DJ; the cheapest drinks in town; free cake; and hopefully, YOU!

Following the events, selected artists will be contacted for gigs at other WORDAMOUTH events and one performer will be invited to the summer slam final to win a days recording at Alaska Studios - Easy!!

Be there; do that!!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Alpines - Drive (Skream remix)

Won't often do this these days cos there's a lot of lo-fi versions of sick tunes floating around, BUT, download this here.

Then, BUY it here.

and then, check out the rest and get free mp3s from the bands site here.

Fair enough I reckon !!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ashwan-Inheritance Wax mixtape. FREE download

They say:

Inheritance Wax started a few years ago, when Ashwan was working with the elderly in Liverpool, UK. As they passed on, families would come and clear their homes of all belongings which inevitably meant whole record collections being thrown out each time.
Being a dj and producer, as well as nostalgic for the days when you could walk into some ones place, glance at the record collection and book shelf and get a sense of what that person is about, Ashwan salvaged the records and started making new record covers and sampling and remixing the original vinyl to create new art from the old.
The project is heavily hip hop influenced but instead of hours of crate digging, the sample base has come from this limited palate, with the hope that a different and unique sound will entail that also somehow pays tribute to the artists Liverpool roots.
The music is free to download, while the original vinyl covers will be sealed in air tight bubbles for preservation, turning the discarded object back into one of value and meaning. These will be exhibited together with the music over the coming months in the UK and across Europe. Please check www.ashwan.co.uk for up to date information on these.

I say:

Long await mixtape of exclusively remixed boom bap classics by the one man brand 'Ashwan'. Check out the mixtape and download for free, here.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

OPEN / WIDE @ Alaska 26.03.2011

I say:

WORDAMOUTH opens the mic at a new venue with hosts Angry Sam and curious. OPEN/WIDE offers open mic spots without the restrictions of some other nights - props, beats, instruments, collaborations, freestyles are all welcome on the WORDAMOUTH mic. The focus is on developing talent through access and feedback from a creative and diverse audience.
A hive of poetic and musical talent Alaska Studios is an exciting venue to be associated with. Come down and spit/sing/rap/recite or just have a drink and cheer like a crazy fool; the choice is always yours.
DJ sets from curious and guest DJs complete the picture.

OPEN/WIDE is not a slam BUT we will be inviting acts to perform at our other night FreeStyles @ Favela Chic on 12th April featuring Polar Bear and Session Noisses.

Entry is £5

Hope to see you there.

email: poetcurious@gmail.com to reserve an open mic spot or sign up on the night. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Muddyloop/curious in the spotlight 6/3/2011

Yes people! Just ahead of Wordamouth's return to the Favela's of Old Street,I will be spitting and chatting shit (hosting) for the mighty Muddyloop at Villain (East Village) in Gt Eastern Street London EC2A on Saturday 6th March. Come and check out the sounds of one of London's most exciting collectives as they drop sexy electronic pop funk on your unsuspecting cerebellum.

Seriously though, it is free entry; there are some sick acts and your support would make it all the more...supported(?)

Hope to see you there !!

If you aren't sure, check out Muddyloop's latest single with video by friend-of-loop Dino K. Big tings !! Available now on Loverush Digital. Visit www.muddyloop.com for more info. peaCe

Saturday, 26 February 2011

WORDAMOUTH presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic 8/3/2011

Wordamouth returns to Favela Chic for the second FreeStyles event. This time round it Johnny 'Fluffpunk' Seagrave, Dean Atta and Paul Cree supplying the lyrical content with Bobby Gandolf from The Worm and Anarkali Elektra bringing the party vibes until 1 am, all hosted by myself and Angry Sam. The restaurant is open from 6pm and you can reserve a table via the Favela website (www.favelachic.com).

This is top drawer poets and live DJs in a top London venue for FREE! Tell EVERYBODY!!

Hope to see you there. peaCe

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wordamouth Rock The Favela...

Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic kicked off yesterday and I gotta say it was the absolute BOMB!! RESPECT to everyone who turns out and supported the event. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and tell all your friends to come to the next one. Shouts to my partner in rhyme, Angry Sam and whoop-whoop's to HKB FiNN; Anna Le; Cole&Billy and Mr T for bringing the heat to a cold Old Street evening. Props to Chris and the team at Favela for hooking us up and supporting the night so well. Big up to Anarkali Elektra for the 'almost' DJ set (hope you got in ur house) and to Anna for the guest list duties. Damn, it takes a LOT of people to do this sh!t, but it take a LOT of the RIGHT people to do it this well

- We are on dis ting
Next Wordamouth@Favela,
8th March 2011
featuring surreal satirist Johnny Fluffypunk.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Wordamouth 2011 - Welcome back!

Wordamouth kicks back off for 2011 at the first of two exciting new venues. FreeStyles at Favela Chic retains the high standard of performance and revelry that it brought to the Live Room. Hosted by myself and Angry Sam, FreeStyles showcases the best in Spoken Word poetry for a creative and conscious audience. Favela Chic is one of the hottest venues in the capital and Wordamouth are taking full advantage of its support for poetry.
The first event at Favela is on 8th February (flyer above) and features HKB FiNN, Cole Salewicz (The Savage Nomads) and Anna Le (Sage and Time). The event is partly sponsored by ethical clothing company Statemeant who are supplying me with clothing in return for props! Check 'em out and buy a T-shirt!
There is no open mic at this event, but fear not - Wordamouth sparks up at another new venue at the end of March that will offer a larger, brighter spotlight to the poetry scenes emergent laureates. Alaska Studios is the venue and Waterloo the area. A 2min walk from 'the Imax', Alaska offers a warm welcome to a plethora of creative talent. Wordamouth is proud to be part of the roster. More news on that later...

8/2/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
poets: HKB FiNN, Cole Salewicz, Anna le
DJs: curious, Billy, Anarkali Elektra

8/3/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
Poets: Johnny 'Fluffypunk' Seagrove + support
Djs: curious + guests

26/3/2011 - Wordamouth @ Alaska, 8-Midnight, £5/4 - OPEN MIC
Poets: tbc
Djs: curious + guests

12/4/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
Poets: Sessions and the Bear (Polar Bear, Session Noisses)
Djs: curious, Session Noisses + guests