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Rhymin' since day... curious is a multi-tasking microphone vandal. Hiphop poetry is the dish of the day. Whether served fresh acapella or over baking hot beats, the elements of this feast are best enjoyed raw. Catch a portion of curious online or on stage, spitting like a pig on a spit roast. Check in to keep updated...peaCe

Friday, 30 April 2010

We're Slammin'

Forget the lazy bankers, poetry doesn't tkae holidays!
The Hammer&Tongue Slam Finals are here.
Monday 3rd may @ Green Note Cafe, Parkway, Camden
Doors open 7:30pm. Tax is £3/5.
Based on the heats, this will be a hot ticket.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


My boy Ardit put me on to this clip, props are yours Mr Manchester.
Reminds me of that Blu animation that was going around a year or so ago.
People got time and they don't mind playing with it.

check out: www.blublu.org

Monday, 26 April 2010

Banksy's Gift Shop

What d'you think of Banksy?

The freshest thing since freeze-dried sneakers? the Damien Hurst of graffiti? sell out? genius? whatever you think - you're thinking. That's got to be part of the point, right?

Banksy's Exit Through The Gift Shop has been out for a while but is worth peeping if you haven't already.

Here's a short film from Banksy's pop-up cinema/gallery in Leake Street, London, courtesy of www.babelgum.com:

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Shadrack & The Man Dem - Guns & Pork - funny

If you ain't on dis ting yet, then you better get your skates on...
Shadrack & The Man Dem are a definite strong look for Summer 2010.
Mans know...

curious - Philosophicide - NEWNESS

Another taster ahead of next months Hammer&Tongue SLAM FINAL...

This verse came about after chatting to a mate about how, in comparison to oppressive governments, social control methods, armies, prisons, torture camps and the global economic oppression of billions - rappers are all pretty pussy!!

Fight the power...peaCe

So fresh, so clean

It's not often that graffiti is described as an act of environmentalism, but, apart from the wack title, 'reverse graffiti' is just that. Created by cleaning the dirt of city surfaces, this is not what the authorities hope for when they tell writers to clean up their acts and do something useful for society - careful what you wish for...

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

curious - Do Me A Favour - EXCLUSIVE



**More curious rhyming @ Hammer&Tongue SLAM FINALS
Monday 3rd May. Green Note Cafe, Parkway, Camden.
7-11pm $3/5 tax**

Above The Clouds - R.I.P.

One of the best, yet...yet what?!

The man gifted with unlimited rhymes is now truly universal.

Thanks Keith, peaCe

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hammer&Tongue - Monday April 12th


Curious is playing the host this month for Camden's monthly spoken word event Hammer & Tongue. Come down and check out the talent or enter the slam and grab the last spot in May's Grand Final.

On the night the professional will be showing the rest how it's done as they stop of in Camden on the Hammer&Tongue tour. This month sees Rob Gee and Inua Ellams rock the spot so come check it out for a Monday monotony busting night in North Weezy.

Tax is £3/5 depending on your income and ability to plead poverty.

Beats, Rhymes & Picket Lines II

Easy people! Last night I was spitting at a Workers liberty Solidarity benefit gig. A strange cocktail of underground British Hiphop and Extremist left-wing politics. I tried to hit it from both angles with some spoken word and into a more party vibe with a version of 'It Ain't Nothin'' over Dead Prez's hip-hop beat.

Also repping on the night from Brighton was Influx who came hard with some party jams and even a dark dubstep intro piece - sick! From the Endz was Angel MC, sick female poet who's been rockin' the scene for a number of years and Press1 who dropped some sick drunken bars that caught a few off guard - hard. Headlining was Sheffield's The Ruby Kid who dropped a tight set of accapella and straight up block rockin' hiphop.

The night was kinda smash proof but I caused a few cracks in the straight faces. Enjoy the pix courtesy of Highda (props are yours).

Props to Everyone who represented and to Marge and Dan for organising the event - hope you made some money and see you all at the next one!!