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Friday, 9 August 2013

Even More FREE Hand Made Mash Up - Volume 4 *DOWNLOAD*

Once again back it's the incredible...

Hand Made Mash UP Volume 4.

If you've been following this series of compilations, you'll know the deal. The first 3 volumes of this series contained 10 live recorded, single take mash ups, ranging from Pop to Hiphop to Dubstep to Trap and a few eclectic gems aside.
This time things are not too different, but different they are. Volume 4 presents 9 new mash ups, recorded in iDj live, just as before, but in addition, this volume also contains 315-20 minute mixes recorded live in a single take without headphones - old school via new school!! Just click on the image to go to the Dropbox link.
The same disclaimer applies to those who are easily thrown by anything less that pro Tools perfection when it comes to mixes and mash-ups...these are all mixed, arranged, effected and recorded live - one shot!
Hopefully this gives you something fresh to fill your iPod with as you set off on your summer holidayings!

Next stop Barcelona!!!!!


Hand Made Mash Up Volume 4 features:
New Edition
Marley Marl
Craig G
Yellow Claw & Yung Felix
Flight Facilities
K Flay
Notorious BIG

And many more in the mix...