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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The youth of today

Check out this track recorded by a group of students (Olivia Burgess, Hana Mustafa, Marcell John, Della Aheto) and a teacher (Thomas Owoo) I work with in school. The students are active campaigners for War Child and made this track in support of a War Child campaign to get child victims of war into schools, as well as a reminder of governments promise to have all UK children reading by 2015 - despite proposed education cuts.

The students will be performing the track for the first time this Saturday at Kingsbury High School as part of the school's cultural show Diversity.

The lyrics were re-written during a student advocacy team workshop and we recorded it last Thursday in a swift 2-hour session. I mixed the track that night and it went of to War Child the following day. War Child have initially responded by saying they are interested in linking the students up with the original artists for a possible collaboration. If that happens, I will definitely forgive myself for the dodgy quality of the recording and mixing.


...and this is the original track that inspired the re-write, which is also a reworking of The Killers, All These Things That I've Done, which was apparently an idea from Bono.

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