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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

OPEN / WIDE @ Alaska 26.03.2011

I say:

WORDAMOUTH opens the mic at a new venue with hosts Angry Sam and curious. OPEN/WIDE offers open mic spots without the restrictions of some other nights - props, beats, instruments, collaborations, freestyles are all welcome on the WORDAMOUTH mic. The focus is on developing talent through access and feedback from a creative and diverse audience.
A hive of poetic and musical talent Alaska Studios is an exciting venue to be associated with. Come down and spit/sing/rap/recite or just have a drink and cheer like a crazy fool; the choice is always yours.
DJ sets from curious and guest DJs complete the picture.

OPEN/WIDE is not a slam BUT we will be inviting acts to perform at our other night FreeStyles @ Favela Chic on 12th April featuring Polar Bear and Session Noisses.

Entry is £5

Hope to see you there.

email: poetcurious@gmail.com to reserve an open mic spot or sign up on the night. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE.

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