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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

OPEN/WIDE - 30/04/2011

I say:
Here is the flyer so you know it must be happening!! After last month's top drawer performances, anticipation of another hot open mic night is high amongst the WORDAMOUTH familia! Charlie Dupre was a stand out last month and ripped a 10 minute set at Favela Chic the following week, warming up for Polar Bear and SessioN NoisseS, as well as booking himself a spot in the summer slam final to win a days recording at Alaska Studio. S0, if you fancy doing the same, come down on Saturday 30th April and do a piece or two.

OPEN/WIDE is not a slam event! There are no points, judges or eliminations. Simply email to book a spot or turn up early to sign up on the night. There are NO time limits; NO rules banning props, instruments, singing, rapping, nudity etc; and definitely NO clap-o-meters !! Just an open mic, a friendly and participative audience; an intimate venue; A great DJ; the cheapest drinks in town; free cake; and hopefully, YOU!

Following the events, selected artists will be contacted for gigs at other WORDAMOUTH events and one performer will be invited to the summer slam final to win a days recording at Alaska Studios - Easy!!

Be there; do that!!


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