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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting down Saturday night...

Out of Step at Mascara Bar in North London went off last night. There was a good turn out to see Angry Sam host and perform. His blend of wry wit and insightful critique was well delivered and received. Cat Brogan was the only female in the trio and repped her causes hard. Politics both geopolitical and sexual defined her set and her performance was sassy and assured. It was good to share stage time with such good poets and friends and to rock the spot with just a microphone (and an ipod for the breaks!!)...

...After that it was off to hear DJ MK, A-Cyde and Chris P Cuts rip the set at The Alibi in Dalston for the second of the new season of Gullyvers. This trendy late night spot attracts the local eclectro-punk set; throwback hip-hoppers and all the other weird and wonderful sub-groups that make up this exciting scene. The true music heads get a treat from the 3 DJs spinning music that is as eclectic as the fashions of those who dance to it. However, this is a hip-hop night and cutting, mixing and creativity abound in each set as the genre lists lengthen and the movements continue. Everyone has a good time; the door is free; the drinks are cheap and the dancefloor is sweaty (like a dancefloor should be!).
So that's two reasons why Dalston's trending right now. If you're in London and don't know Dalston, check it out because there's a lot of hot shit going down there right now. To find out what's on in N16, check out www.N16mag.com for info on events as well as restaurants, bars and other local info. peaCe

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