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Saturday, 7 January 2012



by poetcurious

In a flash London was back

Back on the map, back on track

Back to back but never back to that

Dark days of 2011;

Its 2012 and London is heaven

All sins forgiven; despite there being more poor in prison

Isn’t this an old one Stephen? Just being retold

For the new youth, while the new old, remember

Stories from days past

When 10 pence could make the day last

Where we walked slow and we prayed fast

How does this one end again? The detail escapes me,

But I see through their gloss; what dem posh wanna make me.

Still, the fireworks were excellent; emotional, expensive

Which in ‘these times of austerity’ makes me apprehensive

Can we afford this? Really though, can we?

If we can, then that’s all good

But can you stop trying to skank me? And thank me

Come hand me a couple of Olympic tickets

(something close to the finish line)

While I’m writing these slogans on placards and pamphlets

For colleagues who are standing on picket lines.

See, it’s just a whole lot of politics

I need someone to help me unpick it

We all gotta have our fair share of the glory

Or lets tell dem man where to stick it.

Still, the fireworks were excellent; the party more intimate

The purse string are tight and them clubs I’m not into it.

So we rave on in maisonettes

Pissing through the xmas debts

Cut the decks, place your bets and laugh off your losses

A punch of rum, some drum and bass

Your wifey whining on ya waist

A smile on every drunken face

For whatever life offers.


  1. I feel like I have stumbled into a firey world of words and without realizing can't find my way back... nor want to. :) Thank you. - J.D.F. :)

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