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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hand Made Mash Up - Free Download

Hand Made Mash Up is a collection of mash-ups I have recorded using iDJ on my iPad. I am not being paid to promote this app or tablet device but I have had a lot of fun getting back into mixing without having to blow the dust (sad to admit) off the 1210s and spark up the Serato. Although there are many limitations to this type of DJing, such as the lack of immediacy for adjustments and no physical cross-fader (making scratching a novelty aspect), there are many advantages. The ability to mix anywhere and the range of functionality (looping, FX pad, EQ, cue points), as well as a well designed recording facility make iDJ a perfect tool for all levels of DJ.

*End of free marketing campaign* 

In making this collection I used iDJ in what should be called 'play mode', meaning I didn't use the optional splitter to allow for headphone monitoring. Instead, I planned out the arrangements in advance of recording and added cue points into the tracks before syncing the tempos (another hit and miss feature of iDJ). Once I'd worked out an arrangement and prepared the tracks, I recorded each mash-up live, without headphones. This is basically a long-winded excuse for the mistakes and slips that happen throughout this compilation. However, (and to further the excusing) I think the live aspect gives an organic, human quality to these unquantized (and unsterilised) recordings. Click on the cover picture at the top to download the compilation for free, and see what you think...

Artists include:
The Roots
The Art Of Noise
Nikki Minaj
2 Chains
Daft Punk
A$AP Rocky
Britney Spears
Dizzee Rascal
The Prodigy
Dawn Penn
D Double E


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