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Saturday, 21 August 2010

International Meeting of Styles 2010 - Highbury Studios

The list of artists involved in this monster burn up of Highbury Studios reads like an Interpol wanted list. This was a great event with a wicked mix of people; sick artists; good music and Jerk Chicken - Bang!

Events like this can do a lot of good for the the misinformed about exactly who is doing graffiti in 2010. The answer is - a lot of different people. There were business men who hold down high powered jobs and bomb on the weekends; art students majoring in street art on their MA courses; old school train wreckers turned freelance commercial artists and all sorts (even a girl writer - no lie).

This was definitely the face-washed and church-clothed side of graffiti culture that, in truth, very few people have a problem with. What was interesting about this event was that it allowed the public to talk to writers and hear them defend the crappy tags and bus shelter throw ups that get Daily Mail readers so incensed. One artist, speaking to the parents of a teenage boy who had brought his black book along, advised they encourage him to tag as much as possible to develop his control of the pen or can and to experiment with his own repertoire of lines that are the essence of an artist's style and skill.

These arguments are refreshing to hear and more so when they are articulated by respectable adults who earn a good positive living from decorating and beautifying society for the enjoyment of all who pass by.

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