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Friday, 28 January 2011

Wordamouth 2011 - Welcome back!

Wordamouth kicks back off for 2011 at the first of two exciting new venues. FreeStyles at Favela Chic retains the high standard of performance and revelry that it brought to the Live Room. Hosted by myself and Angry Sam, FreeStyles showcases the best in Spoken Word poetry for a creative and conscious audience. Favela Chic is one of the hottest venues in the capital and Wordamouth are taking full advantage of its support for poetry.
The first event at Favela is on 8th February (flyer above) and features HKB FiNN, Cole Salewicz (The Savage Nomads) and Anna Le (Sage and Time). The event is partly sponsored by ethical clothing company Statemeant who are supplying me with clothing in return for props! Check 'em out and buy a T-shirt!
There is no open mic at this event, but fear not - Wordamouth sparks up at another new venue at the end of March that will offer a larger, brighter spotlight to the poetry scenes emergent laureates. Alaska Studios is the venue and Waterloo the area. A 2min walk from 'the Imax', Alaska offers a warm welcome to a plethora of creative talent. Wordamouth is proud to be part of the roster. More news on that later...

8/2/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
poets: HKB FiNN, Cole Salewicz, Anna le
DJs: curious, Billy, Anarkali Elektra

8/3/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
Poets: Johnny 'Fluffypunk' Seagrove + support
Djs: curious + guests

26/3/2011 - Wordamouth @ Alaska, 8-Midnight, £5/4 - OPEN MIC
Poets: tbc
Djs: curious + guests

12/4/2011 - Wordamouth presents FreeStyles @ Favela Chic, 8-1am, Free Entry.
Poets: Sessions and the Bear (Polar Bear, Session Noisses)
Djs: curious, Session Noisses + guests

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