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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Late notice and a head full to capacity means this post is going up as a review of, rather than as promotion for, what was a really cool night of curry and hard bars from some of London's sickest wordsmiths. Pogo cafe was the host for the second Hammer&Tongue/Hackney Unemployed Workers benefit gig.

Performances from Angry Sam, Tim Wells, Yap, David J and myself were all hotter than the mild vegan curry that was served alongside the sharp and sour poetry. This venue is a really cool space, serving vegan food and opening it doors to some really good causes to use their space as a performance/gallery/meeting place.

Collectivism and community are important to all of us, but Pogo put its curry where your mouth is and long may it continue to do so. I will try and give more notice for the next event.

Big up to everyone that helped last night's event raise money for those who need it raising and for the hot curry and cool vibes. peaCe

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