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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Painting

Here's pics of 3 new paintings I've been working on and some older ones I have recently photographed. The new pieces are a mix of spraypaint, inks and acrylic. The first 2 are actually on opposite sides of the same piece of plywood, so selling them (or even displaying them) would be interesting. The third is a remix of an older painting that I was unhappy with. The orange and pink of the original composition can be seen in the fill of the new lettering. The fourth is painted on a roadworks sign that was knocking about my estate for that bit too long to leave alone. The fifth and sixth pictures are of a piece I did on my old water tank. Originally one of a pair, the other half is installed in a friend's garden near Brighton. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to comment/bid on all of them. peaCe

Quiet Storm.

Tank #2.
It's Yours.

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