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Sunday, 1 May 2011

The man with 3 golden guns...

I previously posted a pic of the first Golden Gun Award I received at Bang Said The Gun's excellent poetry night at The Roebuck Pub in Borough. Since then, I have won 2 more. Here they are for your eyes!

This is the second Golden Gun Award I received at Bang Said The Gun. I find it adds a little extra pepper to any meal I cook in it...

...and this is the third and final Golden Gun Award I received before I decided to 'llow the slamming at Bang to preserve my 3 in 3 record! I was considering this one as a gift for W an' K on their big, expensive, publicly-funded day, but thought it could be misinterpreted as some sort of comment on the empire.

Thanks to everyone at Bang for putting on top-notch poetry nights that are both intellectually enlightening and downright bonkers at the very same time, in equal measure.

You can see me return to the Bang Said The Gun slam stage alongside a whole host of talented poets and comedians at the Meadlowlands Festival in the last Bank Holiday weekend of May (somewhere in a field described on this website).

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